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dây Hồng Anh


Leaves of Mandevilla vine Mandevilla x amabilis ....Lá của dây Hồng Anh ...#1

Vietnamese named : dây Hồng Anh ( cây Hồng Anh là một loài khác, không phải loài này )
Common names : Alice du Pont, Mandevilla vine, Moonlight Parfait.
Scientist name : Mandevilla x amabilis
Family : Apocynaceae. Họ Trúc Đào
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Plant Family
Plant Botanical Name
Mandevilla x amabilis
General Description
Grown for its spectacular blooms, this showy vine is a popular choice for warm gardens and containers. Mandevilla x amabilis is a hybrid of the showy Brazilian native, Mandevilla splendens (plus an unknown second parent), and produces an abundance of large, showy flowers. The plants are evergreen, frost tender and woody.
The vining stems of hybrid Mandevilla are lined with deep green leaves that are glossy, oval and held opposite to each other. When broken, the leaves emit milky sap. Fabulous bell or funnel-shaped with five broad, spreading petal lobes are produced when weather is warm and accommodating. The fragrant flowers are borne in clusters and may be red, pink or white with yellow throats.
These vigorous vines are perfect for archways and trellises in the garden but work as interior plants provided they receive ample sunlight, water and air circulation. Outside they prefer full to partial sun and moist, well-drained soil. Where not hardy, they are best grown in containers which can be moved indoors to a bright warm spot to overwinter. They are magnets for mealybugs and aphids, so check often for infestations, particularly when grown indoors.

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